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Digital Marketing Concepts We’re Covering

Digital Marketing Modules:

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Digital Marketing Telugu
Digital Marketing Telugu

Digital Marketing Course Training In Hyderabad:

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Course In Hyderabad: The process of digital marketing is to attract, engage and convert customers to your target audiences more effectively and accurately via different digital channels and moreover digital marketing means not only advertising it beyond that it is data-driven marketing. with data we can scale our business or revenue 10X More Times.


Digital marketers use digital channels like search engines, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), on-line advertising (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.), affiliate marketing, influential marketing to raise awareness of the product or service and to help promote profitable outcome, etc. Digital marketers use digital channels like e-mail marketing.

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It has been available since the beginning of the Internet era, digital marketing is not a new technique. It was commonly referred to as Web or internet marketing. In all these years, the digital marketing process has evolved and is an integral part of the business. With increasing numbers of people using internet-connected devices, on-line reaching, engaging and converting to customers has become easier.

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Who is the digital marketing course supposed to do?


If you have recently obtained a degree or are someone that continues to pursue your training- and/or are:

Looking to improve your ability to stand out

You’d love to unleash your creative side in the Digital world

Then this is the course for you. You don’ts want to do a monotonous job Digital marketing continues to develop and attracts creative potential and also has great potential and opportunities on the labour market.

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Google Ads Fundamental Exam Answers

Professionals in marketing:

Today, digital marketing as part of their strategy cannot ignore any marketing plan.

You need a detailed knowledge of the digital marketing system to ensure that you are capable of doing: whether you are marketed or sales or advertised, brand management or media planning:

Generate additional sales

Generate additional guidance

Integrate your marketing strategies into digital marketing

to communicate better with your digital team (in-house or agency)

to keep the reputation of the brand online

You can implement Effective strategies 


the only thing that is permanent is transition. And many of us seek this change constantly, in particular on the workplace.

As a professional (not necessarily a marketer), you want to make a shift in your career which challenges your creative partner or to upgrade your skills or just to change your life.

You will find a variety of exciting and daunting prospects in the thriving digital marketing industry.


You know the strength of the digital room, whether you already have a blog/vlog or want to have a blog. You know the efficiency and ease of the online media reaching out to people.

This course teaches you to understand and use the digital channels to drive traffic and create engaging content. In addition to learning through case studies and discussions to understand the right platforms and the way to get your audience involved.

Entrepreneurs/Company owners/contractors:

Your principal challenge as an entrepreneur or businessman is to lead business. With the help of digital marketing and industry, you know how to attract the right customer. You’re searching for a number of ways to reach your prospective audiencia.

You certainly don’t want to spend as a small company owner by outsourcing to an agency.

The course not only makes you grasp jargon and all online channels, but also equips you to handle the digital marketing of your business yourself.

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Step By Step Guidence To Choose a Right Digital Marketing Training Institute In Hyderabad, India:

There are many digital marketing training centers located in different parts of India. However, not all of them offer good quality training programs. Therefore, in order to choose the best institute in Hyderabad, you need to do some research work. The Internet will help you a lot to locate the most reputed and professional institute located near your residential region. Once you have identified a good institute near your location, then go ahead and register yourself on their website. At the same time, look out for many different offers and discount codes offered by various websites on the website.

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Once you have registered yourself on the website of the company, look out for their brochures and other details. Many digital marketing courses offered by different institutes in Hyderabad also provide you with brochures. Compare them and shortlist the institutes in Hyderabad that suit your requirements and qualification. Then check out for the experience level of the management team that is running the business of that institute. If the management team is experienced, then you can be sure that the course will be a successful one.

digital marketing course training in hyderabad

Digital Marketing Training Modes:

Many of the digital marketing training companies offer both classroom and online training sessions. Therefore, while choosing an institute, make sure that you know which one is best suited for your requirements. The good thing about online email marketing training programs is that they give you a real-time simulation experience. Hence, you learn everything about email marketing from your own perspective. The best part about online email marketing courses is that you can learn all this from the comfort of your home.

Apart from the classroom sessions, there are also online training sessions which can be attended by you and your team members. Most of the Digital Marketing Institute of India (DMMI) offers online training sessions at their respective locations across the country. So, if you are looking to start a new career in the digital marketing industry in Hyderabad, you don’t have to travel a long way to get trained. The Hyderabad educational institutions that offer quality education also provide internship programs to students who complete their diploma or degree program successfully. These internship programs not only provide you with practical training but also expose you to the latest developments in the industry.

Learn Digital Marketing Through E Learning Platforms:

Some Institutes Offer e-learning to Students learn about various different digital marketing tools and methods. The best thing about these tools and methods is that they are simple enough so that even the fresher students can learn to use these tools effectively. For instance, these digital marketing tools can be used for generating leads, monitoring the traffic, analyzing the website performance and many more. As a marketer, you need to keep track of all these activities on a regular basis.

If you are looking for a good place to learn digital marketing, then there are several options available in this regard. You can either join an institute, take an online course or take a training session online. All these methods help you improve your practical skills in terms of time management, creativity and so on. Moreover, these methods also help you to learn new technologies in this particular field. So, what are you waiting for?

Topics We Will Cover In This Digital Marketing Course Training:


Understanding the website
Website Analysis
What is Search Engine Optimization?
Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing
How SEO can help in In leveraging
SERP Layout
Different Types of Search Engines
How Search Engines Work?
Operators Used in SEO
Algorithms and updates of Google
What Is Keyword ?
Types Of Keyword ?
Keyword Research Techniques
Keyword Research Tools



What is on Page Optimization
Types of websites
Web layout Structure
File Name Optimization
Title Optimization
Meta Description, Meta Robots
URL Optimization
Canonical URL
Heading Optimization
Bread Crumbs
Content Optimization
Keyword Optimization
Anchor linking
Image optimization
Alt Tag Optimization
Embedding video
Footer Optimization

Digital Marketing Course Training In Hyderabad


What is Off Page Optimization
Difference between On page and
Off Page Optimization
Importance of Back links and Citations in SEO

Link Building Techniques
Directory Submission
Classified posting
Social Bookmarking
Event Submissions
PPT Submissions
PDF Submissions
Podcast Submissions
Web 2.0
Forum Submissions
Profile Linking
Blog Commenting
Infographic Submissions
Search Engine Marketing
Image Submission
Video Submission
Document submission
Press Release
What Is Local SEO?
Why Local SEO & Importance?
How Local SEO Results Look Like?

Url Redirections
301 Redirection
302 Redirection
Sitemap Submission
Fixing Errors
Fast Crawling
What Is Black Hat SEO?
Black hat tips and tricks

SEM Rush ( Paid )
Ahrefs ( Paid )
Majestic SEO ( Paid )
Keyword Planner ( Free ) ( Paid )
Disavow tool ( Free )


How to submit a website to search
URL Inspection
Index coverage
Mobile usability
Security and manual actions



What Is SEM?
Why SEM & Importance?
Objectives of search Campaign
Bidding Strategies
Budget Settings
Automated Targeting
writing awesome headlines
Integrating Ad extensions
Fitting right keywords and More


What Is Google Ads
Why Google Adwords?
Difference between bing ads and google ads
Understanding the KPI
Benefits of Google Ads
Sign up Process
How to get 2000 rs Free Credit
Billing setting
user account creation
User Access Levels
Setting up Campaigns


Types of Campaigns
How to fit the right campaign to the business
Location Setting
Language Setting
Ad rotation
Daily budget selection
Ad scheduling

What is Ad Group?
How to set up Ad Groups
Keyword Research
Keyword Match Types
Broad Match
Broad Match Modifier
Phrase Match
Exact Match
Negative Match

Setting up Google Ads
Different types of Ads
Expanded Ad Format
Responsive Ad Format
Image Creation Sources
Call Only Ad
Structure of Ads
Writing the Ad Copy
URL Options
Mobile URL Option
Google Ads Guidelines

How google ads auction occur?
Metrics of google ads
Ad rank calculation
quality score
Quality score calculation
Factors affecting Quality score
What is Actual CPC
How is it Actual CPC Calculated?

Sitelinks Extension
Callout Extension
Structured Snippet
Call Extension
Message Extension
Location Extension
Affiliate Location Extension
Price & Promotion Extension
App Extension


What is Conversion?
Types of Conversions
Website Conversion
Live Practical integration of conversion
App Conversion
Call Conversion
Offline tracking ( Import )
Implementation Conversion Tracking

Sitelinks Extension
Callout Extension
Structured Snippet
Call Extension
Message Extension
Location Extension
Affiliate Location Extension
Price & Promotion Extension
App Extension


How to take up test
Eligibility rules
Duration of each test
Different types of Google Ads examinations
Sample Google Ads question and
answer guide
How to get google Partner Badge


What is social media Optimization?
How is it important in business?
How can social media be integrated
Case studies on various social media platforms
Setting up a vision, mission & goals for SMO
with the website?’



Importance of facebook in branding a
product or service
How can facebook leverage the business
Facebook user profile creation
Page creation
Edge Rank Algorithm
Group creation
Event creation
How to improve likes ,share and comments
How to build brand on facebook
Facebook budget management
Hash tags
Facebook advertising
Sponsored posts
Custom Tabs
Facebook Tools


What is Video Marketing
Statistics of Video Marketing
Creating a YouTube Channel
Customizing the YouTube Channel
Create a video marketing strategy
Types of Video Posts
How to create YouTube Videos
How to Rank YouTube Videos on top
Custom settings in videos
YouTube Engagement Metrics


How Brands use Instagram
Creating an Instagram Account
Tour of Instagram App
Content strategy for Instagram
Story vs Instagram Post
How to use Stories?
How to use Hashtags?
Tools used for finding trending hashtags
Tools used for Influencer Marketing
What is IG TV?
How to use IG TV?
Instagram Ads
Objectives of Instagram Ads
Reports & Analysis

Buffer App


How to Link Website to Google
Unique Pageviews
Unique Sessions
Active users
Cohort Analysis
Users Flow



What is E Mail Marketing?
How is E-Mail Marketing Important
Why E- Mail Marketing?
in Digital Marketing?
What to write?
How to write?
E-Mail Scheduling?
List Creation
OPT in List
E-Mail Template Design Parameters
Workflow automation.
E- Mail Reporting Metrics
Open rate Calculation
Click Rate
Hard bounce
Soft Bounce
A/B Testing

Why Do You Need to Learn a Digital Marketing course with us ?

We Will Understand your requirement. We created this digital marketing training to help new and experienced graduates learn about the digital marketing process and grow their careers. Digital Chandu has designed this course simply even a normal person can understand. He has more than 4 years’ experience in the field of digital marketing, and the digital marketing training and certification material.

Learn digital marketing with us and begin your new career and improve your career opportunities to the next stage. Our digital marketing training programme is job oriented and business oriented too, as we understand the aspirations of new graduates.

Digital Marketing Course Training in hyderabad with 100% Practical Knowledge By Digital Chandu is the one-stop arrangement for all your Digital Marketing Training needs. We, at Digital Chandu have the vital ability in giving proficient preparation of Digital Marketing classes in hyderabad with the finest trainer.

Complete Googgle Ads Fundamental Exam Answers:

Google Ads Fundamental Exam Answers

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Our vision is to develop each day with unused methodologies and concepts in this field by investigating the center of Digital media. We ensure that we offer the finest teaching to include superior prospects in your career. We offer complete Digital marketing Course Modules in Digital Marketing.

With this Web training classes Program, candidates will be able to create comprehensive mastery in all online advancements disciplines. We Offer Classes to diverse experts like supervisors, marketers, students.

Adapted your career with our Advanced Digital Marketing Course Training in hyderabad. The classes are top-notch Founded By Digital Chandu, with reasonable Cost and quality teaching. We have the foremost reasonable digital marketing course training in hyderabad. and more over We make sure to supply the leading climate with Digital Marketing classroom training in Hyderabad. We moreover give industry masters and certified experts to prepare you.

As a student, we anticipate your excitement and contribution to the course and classes. More than 92 percent of graduates say their Digital Marketing Classes in Hyderabad qualification helped them advance in their careers.

This Training Program Helps you to: 

1) Solve a variety of real-time online issues that arise by using Online Courses strategies.

2) Recognize and apply online promotion skills to meet the company’s goals.

3) For your marketing plan, build an Internet Selling Framework.

4) Integrate abilities into the selling techniques.

We are one of the most dominant Digital Marketing course training institute in Hyderabad, and our Digital Marketing classes will prepare you for a job managing online selling strategies.

Digital operations managers are in charge of designing and implementing lead generation strategies that support a company’s brand, products, and services. And, Planning campaigns, reviewing metrics, and recognizing patterns are among their tasks. They usually have social media and art direction experience.

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All candidates will receive special offers from Digital Chandu. Take advantage of this opportunity and contact us right away to get the best deal on our upcoming batches. Enter our digital marketing classes in Hyderabad and take advantage of the advantages that come with being mentored by us.

Since online media has become a prominent industry around the world and one of the most in-demand by workers and employers, many people of all ages are taking online marketing courses.

It makes no difference whether you are a businessman, a social media influencer, a college student, a job seeker, or even a housewife who can benefit from this education. And, we will turn you into an expert; all you have to do is show dedication, and we will assist you with everything. We will provide you with live projects in our digital marketing classes in Hyderabad to help you understand and prepare for a job.

We are also providing you with the opportunity to become acquainted with our training style through demo classes. 

Why Digital Marketing Course In Hyderabad?

If you start as a businessman or you own a business, and you have difficulty promoting your traditional product, service and business. Don’t worry! Don’t worry! Choose to Digital Chandu Digital Marketing in hyderabad. We are the market’s best educational institution.

Digital marketing helps you grow fast because you can reach masses digitally. You will be able to work at our training institute and will have a thorough knowledge you need to manage your business successfully.

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Digital marketing has a remarkable worldwide position and is demanded by companies worldwide today.

Digital certification courses will allow you to stand out in the crowd as this digital marketing industry booms in the market. It takes less time to learn and the concept can be easily understood. But there is no need to pursue this career before technical background. You can also work as a freelance consultant and be your own boss if you do not want to work for anybody.

Start your own company:

you can start your company journey with this course. Now, that you know how to market your business and reach your target audience with the right platforms and instruments, you can start and promote your own business.

Our training courses offer the best environment and provide the best possible knowledge through the best possible environment. We are among the best digital marketing courses in hyderabad. We offer you the best atmosphere with the best professors and staff to assist you in making an expert. You can reach any of our team members and help you solve your question.


In order to make you an expert with our unique skills in training, we bridge the gap between theory and practise. We also offer you 100% employment assistance and we will update you even after the end of the course at our Institute on current opening.

We are eager to get you a job and help you get to a job in a reputable company.

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Here Are Some Google Ads Fundamental Exam Certification Answers:

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How Many Digital Marketing Jobs In Hyderabad For Freshers

They Are 147542 Jobs Available On Naukari.

Which Institute Is Best For Digital Marketing Course Training In Hyderabad?

Remember One Thing, Don’t Seek For Institute Seek For Best Trainer or Mentor Who Guide You and Teach Your Practical Knowledge.

Digital Marketing Internship

As a Newbie you need practical knowledge so you need to do internship, once look at Digital Chandu Telugu Youtube Channel For Complete Real Time Digital Marketing Training

Which Institute Is Best For Digital Marketing?

Simple Answer, Outside In Institues Are Changing Thousands Of Rupees For Training But Sad Thing Here Is 90% Of Institutes Offering Theoretical Training That even won’t help to crack the job, remember before join the institute ask them they are providing real time and practical training or not.

How Can I Start Digital Marketing?

Here We Are Offering Free Tutorials, Digital marketing You can’t able to learn by listening, watching but by doing.